We transform waste to energy
for a sustainable future

Industrial Waste Disposal

We generate 39 % of the energy generated from wastes in Turkey


We provide approximately 2.000.000 tons of carbon emission reduction annually

Carbon Emission Reduction

“ITC Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems”, which adopts innovative technologies on recovery, disposal and rehabilitation of wastes, is carried out by our group companies.

The system is an integration of a series of simultaneous activities including rehabilitation of unsanitary waste dumping areas, design and operation of sanitary landfills, biomethanization, energy generation through gasification/incineration, refuse derived fuel (RDF) production, collection and sorting of packaging wastes and disposal of medical and hazardous wastes.

The aim of the projects is to extend lifetime of the landfills by minimizing the waste amount to be landfilled and the ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for landfills. Innovative technologies are developed in this direction via our R&D works and a totally new perspective is developed in waste management.

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  • 29.09.2021 We have received our 2nd “Low Carbon Hero” award in İstanbul Carbon E-Summit on 28.09.2021. Read more
  • 25.08.2021 Participants of Technical Assistance for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Support for the Municipalities and Universities (YEVDES) have been hosted in our Mamak Facility. Read more
  • 28.06.2021 We annually host averagely 25.000 visitors from agency/institutions and schools within the scope of training works and technical site visits. Read more
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  • Megawatt Icon
    160 MW
    of Energy Generation
    License Capacity
  • Tesis Icon
    14 Facilities
    located in 11 Cities
    in Turkey
  • Tibbi Atik Icon
    The largest capacity
    hazardous and
    medical waste
    disposal plant in Turkey
  • Karbon Emisyon Icon
    2.000.000 tons of
    carbon emission
    reduction annually
  • Atik Icon

    6.000.000 tons of
    waste disposal annually

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