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Being started our activities in 2002 with an aim of adding value to the collected wastes in our country, we are currently carrying out services on waste recovery, recycle and collection. Within the scope of our services, a wide waste management system has been established including activities like recovery of separately collected fractions of mixed collected municipal wastes, landfilling and final disposal of industrial and hazardous wastes, collection and final disposal of medical wastes.

The process starting with the rehabilitation of non-sanitary waste dumping areas, is currently expanded to involve all types of wastes thanks to highly valued R&D works and the vast experience built-up over years. Through our innovative approach, all waste types have become valuable for our country, be it via energy generation or via waste recovery.

We are proud of our works that provided and are continuing to provide a totally new perspective to waste management.


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ITC Antalya Katı Atık Enerji Yönetimi
Danışmanlık Gıda Nak. San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.

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TEK Tıbbi Atık Taşıma ve Temizlik Hiizmetleri A.Ş.

Itc Logo

ITC Alanya Enerji Üretim Katı Atık Jeotermal
Kayn. Petr. ve Doğ. Mad. Nakl. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Itc Logo

ITC Eskişehir Enerji Üretim San.
ve Tic. A.Ş.


With its main activities of waste management and energy generation, our company, ITC adopts;

  • To take required mitigations to prevent environmental pollution,
  • To provide high quality services and to ensure their sustainability and reliability,
  • To generate and consume energy under efficient, effective and sustainable improvements and to assure monitoring, measuring, analysing and assessing activities,
  • To continually increase customer satisfaction,
  • To protect environmental and public health with a team spirit by complying legislations,
  • To employ disciplined, respectful and well-equipped personnel and to provide healthy and safe working environment and continuous training opportunities to its personnel,
  • To determine quality, environmental, energy and H&S risks and take them under control and to prevent pollution, occupational accidents, injuries and health problems,


Quality and Environmental Policy 

  • In our company, whose main activities are waste management and energy generation;
  • To comply with Environmental Legislations,
  • To manage energy consumption,
  • To continuously improve the Integrated Management System,
  • To be aware of environmental and public health, to take required mitigations to prevent environmental pollution, to provide high quality services and to ensure their sustainability and reliability, 
  • To employ honest, disciplined, respectful and moral personnel,

are adopted as Quality and Environmental Policy of ITC. 

Human Resources Vision

In order to establish a consistent and strong organizational structure, we explore, develop and provide modern approaches on human resources and we actualize innovative and leading human resources applications by reaching ambitious targets.

Human Resources Policy

Respect to person, participation and individual responsibilities, openness to innovative and creative thinking,
continuous development of human resources are our main values since our establishment.
Accomplishment of the Company is only possible when each employee contributes within the framework of one’s own task and
carries it to a certain level to affect total company performance.
Accordingly, we always support the active participation of our employees to the management and provide opportunities for this. In this manner,
we aim both to establish a occupationally satisfied, open to improvement, willing to develop and dynamic team and to carry up our accomplishments
by providing services beyond the expectations with this strong team.


  • To select and delegate personnel in accordance with the tasks,
  • To carry out activities of the company to reach its target with optimum number of employees,
  • To look out for intangible and moral rights of both the company and employees,
  • To provide opportunities for employees to increase their will to work and knowledge,
  • To build communication channels for employees to easily transfer their opinions and ideas to the management,
  • To take precautions to ensure that employees work in a cost-conscious manner under efficiency and profitability principles.

H&S Policy

In our company, whose main activities are waste management and energy generation;

  • To comply with the H&S legislations and to prevent injuries and health problems,
  • To continuously improve Management Systems,
  • To provide high quality services and to ensure their sustainability and reliability, to employ honest, disciplined, respectful and moral personnel

are adopted as H&S Policy of ITC.

Food Safety Policy

  • To produce in compliance with national-international legislations,
  • To provide production, storage and sale of products with healthy and quality inputs under hygienic conditions,
  • To provide healthy and quality products for our customers,
  • To continuously improve our operations and to demand and provide food safety information throughout food chain,
  • To implement the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System in the best way, to continuously improve it, to establish a system to develop personnel with an awareness on safe food production, competence to improve and contribute and to ensure the functioning of the system

are our Food Safety Policy.


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