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Rehabilitation of the Wild Landfill and Landfill Gas Utilization

Energy Production from Biomass / Rehabilitation of the Wild Landfill and Landfill Gas Utilization


In parallel with the rapid urbanization and population growth, risks and problems of wild landfills also increase. Around these areas some adverse impacts are seen such as disturbing appearence, bad odour, infectious diseases, contamination of natural resources, risk of explosion and greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. Rehabilitation works of ITC avoid these drawbacks and transform the surroundings of the garbage areas into areas in which life can be sustained. Methods like terracing, collection of leachate and landfill gas eliminate the bad odour as well as the risk of sliding and explosion. Gases formed within landfill are collected by horizontal and vertical piping systems and transformed into electrical energy in gas engines. Methane which has a global warming potential 21 times greater than carbon dioxide is also reduced through the collection and transformation into electrical energy.


These rehabilitation works which have many benefits in local, national and global scale are applied in Ankara Mamak Landfill. These applications are accepted as a success story in international public vote. The power plant in Mamak Landfill has one of the highest capacities in a single landfill across the globe, as well as providing 500.000 ton carbon emission reduction annually. New settlements and business&shopping centers on an approximate commercial area of 170.000 m2 with thousands of daily visitors are built just beside the landfill. An area where almost nobody wanted even to pass close and only the garbage dumb is recalled when Mamak is pronounced has been transformed into a new center of attraction as a result of the betterment works and the innovative technologies.