Industrial Waste Disposal

One of the main environmental problems in our country is disposal of hazardous and medical wastes in a human health threatening manner without any separate collection. By transferring our knowledge and experience on waste management into industrial waste disposal, efficient solutions have been developed for management of industrial wastes.

In this direction, our facility, which is located in Sincan-Çadırtepe Landfill, consists of a gasification/incineration plant with annual capacity of 100.000 tons and landfill units with annual capacity of 200.000 tons and it serves as the biggest capacity hazardous and medical waste disposal facility in our country. Having a wide range of waste types included in the Environmental Permit & License enables us to develop centralized, practical and quick solutions for waste problems.

The Largest Capasity
Hazardous and Medical
Waste Disposal Facility of Turkey

Gasification / Incineration Plant

The biggest capacity gasification/incineration plant in our country on industrial waste disposal has been in service since 2015 in Ankara. It consists of two lines with annual capacity of 50.000 tons each, adding up to 100.000 tons/year capacity plant, which serves not only for disposal of industrial hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, but also for disposal of medicines, customs goods and official institutions’ wastes.

Arriving waste-trucks are weighed via weigh-bridge. Confirmation analysis is carried out in the laboratory and if the analysis result is satisfactory, feeding menu is arranged according to the calorific value, physical and chemical properties of the wastes within the bunker. Gasification process is performed under 800oC temperature and anaerobic conditions in rotary furnace and the remaining part is extracted as ash. Within the second combustor, hazardous and chemical compounds are disposed under 1.100oC in a retention time of 2-3 seconds. Formed gases pass through a three-step stack gas filtration system and it is ensured that they comply with the limit values. Emissions are monitored via continuous emission measurement system and can be viewed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. With the help of the heat exchanger system, waste heat is transferred to gas turbines, where electrical energy is generated.

Gazlastirma En

Class-1 & Class-2 Sanitary Landfill

Being among Turkey’s leading companies on integrated waste disposal, ITC has class-1 and class-2 landfills and the class-1 landfill is in service in Sincan-Ankara. Compliance analysis of non-recyclable wastes are carried out in our accredited laboratory in compliance with the Regulation on Landfilling of Wastes. Official Annex-2 analysis of the wastes, who satisfies the compliance analysis, are get done by the waste producer and its report is submitted to our company. After finalizing the Annex-2 and compliance analyses within the scope of the Regulation on Landfilling of Wastes, wastes are landfilled in our sanitary landfill areas in compliance with the environmental legislations.


 Birinci Sinif Depolama En

Interim Storage Facility

Wastes are accepted to our interim storage facility, who has annual capacity of 100.000 tons, after completing analyses within the scope of our license. In compliance with our quality policies, wastes are transferred to licensed facilities within a year.

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