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Sampling type:

*Date of sampling is set via interviewing
* Waste code must be specified if the sampling type is waste or treatment sludge and if it is determined
*If the report will be used in official proceedings, sampling must be carried out by a Sampling Personnel authorized by the Ministry of Environment & Urbanization with an official sampling minute and samples must be transported to the laboratory as sealed and in cold conditions.


If analyses of different parameters are requested for more than one sample, the request form must be filled separately for each sample.

Sampling type:
Reporting: copies.
Requested Analysis
Is the report going to be used in official proceedings?

Other/Specific Parameters

*They are indicated in the Price Offer Form if the request includes parameter analysis out of our accreditation scope.
*Analysis is performed in accordance with the methods selected by ITC in case the customer does not indicate desired analysis method.

Analysis Method
Regulation /Table/Annex Number

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