Medical Waste Disposal

Wastes coming out from healthcare organizations have more injury or infection risks compared to other types of wastes. Therefore, it is essential to collect, transport and disposal of medical wastes isolated from the other wastes. Safer specific methods are required for handling of medical wastes.

Within the scope of ITC Integrated Waste Management Systems, medical wastes are disposed of in gasification/incineration plants under 1100°C temperature. By incinerating wastes like infectious and pathologic wastes, risk of spreading diseases is eliminated. As a consequence of incineration process, wastes are decreased by a volume of 95 % and mass of 75%.


BiohazardMedical waste incineration plant was designed to prevent environmental harm and gases coming out from the process pass through existing filtration unit and comply with the limit values set by the related legislations. Stack gas emissions are kept under control by performing required monitoring works.

In ITC Antalya facility, infectious and sharp medical wastes are sterilized under 135-140 °C temperature for 35-40 minutes. After removing risks, wastes are disposed of in the class 2 landfill.

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